Honors High Impact Learning Experiences

The Weber Honors College is focused on high-impact learning or high-impact educational experiences. High-impact learning occurs when students are actively engaged in the educational process, when their learning goes beyond the classroom to be applied in their personal and work lives. In a high-impact learning experience, students actively pose and solve problems, work collaboratively in a community of peers, experience real-world applications of knowledge, and reflect on their learning. Students engaged in high-impact learning often see improvement in grade point averages, gain their degrees more quickly, and are more engaged in their education. The Weber Honors College is committed to providing high-impact learning experiences to all students at all levels, across the whole curriculum.

The Weber Honors College has been designed intentionally to engage students in high-impact learning. The following high-impact learning experiences are embedded in the Weber Honors College:

Current Weber Honors College Students 
If you are a current Weber Honors College Student, please log into Canvas and click on the honors homeroom page to find additional information as well as examples of the HIP requirement.