College Benefits

The Weber Honors College offers its students numerous benefits for their participation.  Through interdisciplinary classes taught by our best faculty, students engage in challenging ideas, work side-by-side with professors, and apply their knowledge to real-world problems. The Weber Honors College offers support for students to participate in extraordinary opportunities. As a result of this support, students from San Diego State have attended graduate programs at Harvard and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, served as interns in the White House, received Fulbright awards, and won prestigious national accolades such as the Udall Scholarship for their commitment to the environment. The Weber Honors College represents a community of undergraduates who will become global citizens capable of the highest levels of critical thought, skilled in analysis and expression, and capable of negotiating difference. Our graduates have a strong foundation and commitment to being engaged, dynamic, citizens with the calling and responsibility to build a better, stronger society.

The Weber Honors College students receive:

The number of students who may enroll in an Honors course is limited to no more than 25 individuals. Although the university average classroom enrollment is 42 students per class, that is not necessarily the case for General Education classes, many of which are held in large lecture halls seating 80 to 300 people.
Students completing the Weber Honors College curriculum graduate with the Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. This minor includes a unique offering of courses and seminars dedicated to interdisciplinary inquiry. The minor provides the ideal avenue for students to become intellectually well rounded.  To learn more about the Honors curriculum, download the Honors Minor Curriculum.
The Weber Honors College Academic Advisor provides support and guidance to help students reach their academic goals.
The Weber Honors College Associate Director helps students identify and compete for nationally competitive scholarships, as well as research, leadership, service, and creative arts opportunities.
Students enrolled in the Weber Honors College participate in a number of social, cultural, academic, and community-service activities organized by the college.
Honors students also have exclusive access to the private Darlene Gould Davies Honors Study Room in the Love Library, located on the fourth floor in room 428A. The private room is a great place to study between classes, hold a group-project meeting, or spend quiet time doing research. Students do not have to compete for study space with thousands of other students as they do in public areas of the library as they are able to access it with their RED ID card once they enter the Weber Honors College.
The Weber Honors College is founded on the belief that studying abroad is one of the most beneficial opportunities that undergraduates have at SDSU. Study abroad offers students opportunities to expand their knowledge of the world and to better understand both themselves and others. To meet the study abroad requirement, students choose from short-term study tours, to summer-abroad programs, to semester-long and year-long exchanges. We also work with undocumented students and other students who are unable to leave the country in finding options that will fulfill the study abroad requirement. 

The Weber Honors College is committed to enhancing the intellectual climate and to developing a community of undergraduate scholars by promoting a variety of opportunities for student engagement in research, leadership, service, and performing arts. Honors students, through their participation in these opportunities and in the broader intellectual life of the university lay the foundation for even greater academic achievement.

In April 2023, Weber Honors College student Sandy Mekany became the first SDSU student to receive the prestigous Truman Scholarship.

All first-year Weber Honors College students are required to live on campus in the Honors Residential College in Zura Hall during their first year at San Diego State University (SDSU). This policy was designed to ensure an exceptional undergraduate experience for Honors students at SDSU. Students living in the Honors Residential College will have the advantage of experiencing a small, intellectually and socially vibrant liberal arts environment, while enjoying access to all the resources of a large research university.